Endless X InkJournal - Exciting notebook collab for fountain pen lovers

In the realm of writing instruments, fountain pens have a unique allure that captivates enthusiasts like Tom Oddo. The ability to fill a fountain pen with any colour ink adds an element of excitement and exploration to the writing experience. In this blog, we delve into Tom's fascination with ink, his thoughts on the future of the ink industry, his favourite inks, and the special features of the ink journal notebook that perfectly complements his passion.

The Allure of Colorful Inks:

Tom firmly believes in the mantra, "Variety is the spice of life." This philosophy extends to his love for fountain pen inks. He finds great joy in sampling and discovering the myriad of colors available in the ink world. Unlike other writing instruments, fountain pens offer the freedom to experiment with an extensive range of vibrant and intriguing ink colors, making writing an artistic endeavor.

Tom's thoughts on the future of Inks:

"The future of inks is undoubtedly a colourful one", he says, we're sure he intended the pun. Tom has witnessed the evolution of ink technologies over the years, particularly the rise of multi-chromatic shading inks and pearlescent shading with multiple pigments. He sees ink companies like Sailor leading the way in ink creativity, particularly with their Manyo collection and Yurameku inks. The more visually captivating and diverse the colors in each ink, the brighter the future of fountain pen inks appears.

Tom's Favorite Inks: As an avid ink enthusiast, Tom has encountered numerous remarkable inks. Among his favorites are Sailor Souten, Leonardo Hawaii Turquoise, Troublemaker Foxglove, Taccia Saibimidori, Lamy Dark Lilac, and Colorverse Martian. These inks have left a lasting impression on him with their unique hues, shading properties, and overall performance.

"Why did you create the InkJournal Notebook, Tom?"

To document his ink exploration journey, Tom has found solace in the InkJournal notebook. Designed specifically for fountain pen enthusiasts, this notebook provides an ideal platform to catalog various pen and ink combinations. The Endless InkJournal notebook merges exceptional quality with the Regalia paper paired with a layout that caters to the needs of ink aficionados.

We also discussed what are the other quirky things one can do with the InkJournal...

In addition to its intended uses, the InkJournal notebook presents opportunities for unique and creative applications. Tom suggests a few quirky ideas:

  • Creating a 140-page rainbow of colors that gradually transition across the visible light spectrum.
  • Combining daily journal entries with ink review pages, offering a personalized and expressive approach to documenting daily experiences.
  • Explore their artistic side by coloring and decorating the delightful Inktopus characters found on each page

With the InkJournal notebook by Endless, Tom has found the perfect companion to celebrate and explore the vibrant world of fountain pen inks.


You can purchase the Endless x Inkjournal collaboration notebook on this link.