Through the Creative lens

At Endless, we’ve had the immense pleasure of working with some of the most talented photographers, creators, artists, and more.  “Through the Creative Lens,” as we like to call it, sees us explore the creative process of  Sanket Khuntale, a photographer with flair, who recently photographed our latest Recorders and Explorers.
Sanket, who believes in communicating messages through the visual medium, wanted to showcase the power of paper as a product. Since the products are premium journals, Sanket chose to mirror their qualities in the photos themselves. The Explorer depicts the exploration of nature and art. He used paper craft to conjure and convey his landscapes in a minimalist, abstract manner.
What is his creative process?
Though cameras make the images, he begins with the human mind's most powerful tool at his disposal: imagination. He visualizes his photographs first, then scribbles them on paper. Every idea, thought, and visual takes shape first in the form of pencil and paper.
He then proceeds to create storyboards, and all of his sketches are referred to for every shot. These sketches then act as his point of reference and starting spot, following which, his photographs come alive - as depicted by these beautiful images.
So, what does Sanket think of our products?
Sanket personally loves Endless products (that's a relief ;)). He has been using our Green Explorer with the cotton wallet and loves the feel of our materials. He says, "I love the design and color combinations of both the notebooks. When you think of leather, you always think of those typical earthy tones. But these looked fresh, modern, and customizable."
When asked what his inspiration behind shooting our products was, he quipped, "I loved that I am not just shooting stationery, but shooting an experience and piece of art!"
Sanket also says that he pre-planned the shoot beforehand once he was briefed about the mood, brand, and products. 
Before wrapping up the interview, we asked him to describe his Endless journal in three words, and he said, "Piece Of Art."  
We'll take that any day of the year!