7 Amazing Reasons why you will love Regalia

It’s not an easy task to make your own paper and at Endless, we take pride in all the hard work, ideating and effort that led to us making our own proprietary paper - Regalia. It has been a busy couple of weeks and months for us and the result of our efforts are extremely rewarding for us. We hope it is equally rewarding for you too! Just like the name suggests, Regalia brings royalty and richness to the table (literally with our new recorder). Read on to find out some of the reasons that our amazing paper is a must have!

  1. Super smooth 80gsm paper
    80gsm paper, not a term you commonly see when you’re looking to buy some quality paper. Due to a bunch of factors, this is quite expensive to make. The trade-off we felt was worth it, premium quality at reasonable prices and that is exactly why we’ve decided to add this to our repertoire. Suitable for all kinds of pens, it’s a joy to write and draw on our 80-gsm thick paper. This paper is a lot more sturdier and gives you the freedom and flexibility to do more.

  2. Acid-free paper
    A well-known fact in the paper industry is the difference between acid and acid-free paper. This is not common knowledge to the general public. While normal paper (with acid) is a cost-effective way to make paper, it is not a favourable factor for longevity. Our Regalia paper on the other hand is made to last. Years from now, anything you make on our paper is going to look exactly the same. Art, poems, mind maps, they’re all going to be intact and looking good.

  3. Zero Ghosting
    Ghosting is the impression of your writing, that you see below the page you’re writing on. Think Sherlock Holmes when he tries to use the impression on the next page to figure out some crucial case information. Ghosting just makes writing such a hassle and a hindrance to read when you have two impressions on the same page. Ghosting is not a problem you will encounter on any Endless products and more so with our latest addition

  4. Zero Bleeding
    Bleeding is ghosting’s twin sister in some ways. When you write on one side of the paper and the ink seeps onto the back side - that’s bleeding. Again, a huge bother in terms of reading legibility. Our proprietary paper ensures that there’s no bleeding on paper and that you have the pleasantest experience.

  5. Zero Feathering
    Feathering is the biggest obstacle for most papers. This is when you try to write an ‘o’ and the ink somehow spreads on paper and becomes an ‘a’ for example. Feathering reduces the aesthetics of a page so much that it doesn’t seem appealing to read. Reading legibility also reduces to a great extent. Regalia - that’s your answer to feathering and all your other paper problems!

  6. High Shading
    Shade is for all the colour lovers out there. Or more specifically, for stationery aficionados who love to watch different shades of their ink come out on paper. Regalia is tweaked to enhance the shading effect that looks so good. Having shade enhances the visuals of a page so much, giving it depth and beauty.

  7. High Sheen 
    In simple terms, sheen is the glow that you can see on some ink when looked at from certain angles. This is again a property of the ink where they use a special dye to produce this effect. But without the right paper, sheen is not going to come through or be visible. Our rich paper is the perfect surface for this cool effect to come through. Glamour and richness just look so good on this paper, you're not gonna take your eyes off it.

So to conclude, Regalia is the richest experience you’re going to have on paper and our words just can’t do enough justice.
So use it to believe it and let us know how it makes you feel!