Notebooks that defined history

One of the most overlooked and frankly, ignored aspects of human history is the importance that notebooks have played. They are the truest link from one generation to another, acting as the cornerstone of evolution, and ensuring that no secrets die out from one era to another. 

Some of the greatest geniuses in human history have all penned down their thoughts - good, bad, and everything in between in notebooks. These notebooks contain crucial information that have helped contribute to society’s progress, and allowed us to marvel at their genius in its most simplest form.

Without further ado, here are some of the notebooks that defined history:

Thomas Edison’s notebooks:

Thomas Edison is known by all to be the inventor of the lightbulb. One of the most significant contributions to human history all began with a simple sketch in his notebook. His notes contain all his ideas and thoughts, and culminated in some of the most important inventions known to humankind.

From the first incandescent lightbulb, to the telegraph, everything was documented by Edison for us to see beyond history.

Charles Darwin’s notes:

Dubbed the father of evolution, Charles Darwin created the first known theory that explained how human beings evolved over time. This important discovery helped scientists and archaeologists understand human civilization better, and have a greater appreciation of how living beings have evolved.

His notebooks contain all the important pieces of information that have helped him as well as us understand human history.

Einstein’s Zurich notes:

Albert Einstein, known to be one of the greatest scientists ever formulated the earliest versions of his path breaking Theory of Relativity in his notebooks. The notes contain information that reimagined our universe, and helped scientists think about the possibility of parallel universes and more! 

The notebook proved with conclusive evidence that the laws of physics applied to all non-accelerating observers, and how light remained the same in vacuum. This discovery was all jotted down in his Zurich notebooks and they contain high relevance, even today.

Ernest Hemingway’s notes:

One of the most popular novelists and writers in American history, Ernest Hemingway was known for his classic works including The Old Man and the Sea, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and many more.

His notebooks contain all the rough drafts of the stories he created, and are a great indicator into the workings of his intricate mind.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s notes:

One of the most important humans in history, Leonard da Vinci’s notebooks have plenty of important information that changed the course of mankind. His notes contain information on the Renaissance Man, the first known diving suit, aeroplane, parachutes and so much more!

His notes are a true testament of a man who was ahead of the times he lived in, and a great reminder of how important documenting your thoughts are!

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