How to use our notebooks effectively

The Endless Recorder

Writing. It’s the genesis of human interaction and one of the most significant ways the human race has evolved and kept track of history. From writing on stone to now writing emails, the journey has seen an evolution of colossal proportions, yet the basis of writing remains the same.

We at Endless truly believe that writing is one of the best ways to understand oneself and get in touch with their soul. So, if you’ve not practised it so far, we urge you to do it. One page a day - write about your thoughts, dreams, fears - anything. Then, when you see your thoughts on paper, you’ll feel an almost cathartic sense of relief at the end of it all.

Manifesting, jotting down, or compiling your thoughts must be done the right way on a notebook that can reflect your words in a more nuanced and minimalist style. That’s why we present to you the Endless Recorder.

The Endless Recorder Notebook - Made for your thoughts:

The Endless Recorder is one of our most beloved products. Compact, sleek, and perfect for those quick thoughts you want to get off your chest. It’s so neat you can’t stop writing on it.

Regal and smooth Regalia paper - Made with our proprietary Regalia paper, it reproduces colour so brilliantly that you’ll always keep taking a second glance every single time. From shading to sheening, it’s got everything for a smooth writing and drawing experience.

Our Regalia paper is so soft and just the perfect surface for your pen or pencil to glide on smoothly. We’ve upgraded the product with our thicker 80GSM acid-free paper, so you know it’s the real deal.

  • Smart inner pocket - The other little quirks that we’ve added to the Recorder will come in handy from the little inner pocket to store essentials like pens, pencils, erasers, etc. 
  • Premium, luxurious writing experience - The rounded corners add to the overall premium look, and we’ve topped the entire Recorder with a leatherette cover for a truly luxurious writing experience, from pages 0 to 192.
  • Perforated sheets - Apart from the fabulous additions we’ve mentioned above, each Endless Recorder Notebook comes with 16 easy-to-tear perforated sheets that easily tear off with no remnants and share notes. 
  • Slick guide markers - In addition, there are also two guide sheets to keep your words on track, or even ensure your drawings are easily aligned on the sheet. 
  • A nod to our Environment - As a little ode to Endless’ duty towards our environment, we’ve also added simple cotton pouches to store your Recorder and other tools of choice. The two-page markers are ideal to mark the pages you’re working on currently, and a master page to refer from. 

So that’s that. The Recorder awaits your thoughts, so get ready for a truly premium writing experience every day of the year.

The Endless Explorer

Our minds are constantly racing. From responsibilities to recreation, they’re always on the move, pushing us onto what our next idea or action is. Finding a canvas for these thoughts is one of the best ways to understand yourself. Why? Because our thoughts are a manifestation of who we are and what we want to become. It’s as simple as that.

At Endless, we’re always looking for ideas that’ll satisfy you. Your mind. Your beautiful, little mind that’s capable of conquering the corners of the world if it wants to. All it needs is a place to express itself, and that’s why we’ve created the Endless Explorer.

The Endless Explorer - Made for the mindful:

Emptying your mind has to be one of the most underrated, satisfying actions. It lets you clear your head and view your thoughts - smart, silly, and everything in between on paper - where it’s real.

That’s precisely why we created the Endless Explorer. It’s the perfect ally for those who love expressing themselves on the go. Made for the perennial seeker, the Explorer allows you to reach into the deepest innards of your mind and bring them out to reality. 

There’s just something about opening a leatherbound book and filling it with ink. A kind of old-school romance with literature and art, a lovely link back to simpler times as ink was the medium between the soul and the world. 

What does the Explorer bring a creator?

Every Explorer comes with many unique features that enhance its reputation of being a true creator’s note. These include:

  • Unique Leather Sleeve: Each Explorer comes with a beautiful leatherbound cover. This cover is designed to create its own patina or unique pattern as you constantly use, stow, and touch it. Lovely.
  • Handy Pen Loop - The handy pen loop ensures you’re always able to quickly pen down any thoughts and sketches. Pick up. Use. Restore.
  • Custom-Designed Cotton Wallet - The unique cotton wallet we’ve engineered ensures you can keep all your essentials - cables, erasers, cards, and more. The large zipper slot allows you to keep them safe and secure. All-day, every day. This accessory is sold separately.

The Storyboard Advantage:

Each Explorer also allows you to store up to three large Storyboard notes. These notebooks are perfect to pen thoughts on the go, with ink-friendly paper, easy handling, and more!

Here’s how:

  • 68 GSM Tomoe River Paper - The Endless Storyboard is replete with 68 GSM Tomoe River Paper. There are several ways to utilize Tomoe River Paper, from drawing with pencils and rollerballs to using it as a surface for light washes of watercolor. In short, this paper, on the other hand, has the remarkable ability to absorb ink naturally.
  • Pocket perfection - These books are just 7.5” x 5.1” and are secured tightly with structured thread-bound stitching. Whenever you have an idea, a quick sketch, or just a random deliberation, just whip out the Storyboard and get started!
  • Thread carefully - Each Storyboard notebook is stitched together in the middle, so you can count on your pocket notebook to be secure at all times. It’s a notebook with robustness as one of its exclusive features forever.

Let the Storyboard be your mind’s muse. It is a place where your thoughts come to find themselves and be the starting point of many, many beautiful adventures.