Pages from our Journal - December edition

Everything by Endless, ringing in 2022 in style:
1. The Observer's Launch: A notebook that lays flat from Day 1, Premium Regalia paper, 187 numbered pages, and two beautiful shades, the Observer is waiting for you to pour yourself into it - one pensive thought at a time. You can check out the Observer here.
2. Tribute to Pablo Picasso: We paid an Endless tribute to a maverick, multi-talented artist, Pablo Picasso, who was known for being the pioneer of cubism and collages. The new techniques he brought to his graphic works and ceramic works changed the course of both art forms for the rest of the century. You can check out the blog here
3. Tribute to Felipe Pantone: We also paid our respects to Felipe Pantone, a neo-punk artist with a flair for the otherworldly, and an artist whose influence on the world of modern art is unquestionable. You can check out the blog here
4. Tribute to Fabian Oefner:  We're big fans of Fabian Oefner,  a modern artist known for creating colorful art by harnessing scientific properties! You can check out the blog here
5. A review by Pens and Tea: Pens and Tea reviewed our products, and had some super nice things to say about our Explorer! You can check out the review here.
6. Tribute to Claude Monet: We ended the month with a tribute to Monet, an artist known for his iconic structures and paintings that inspired an entire generation of artists. You can check out the blog here