Endless LABS X Ranga Pens - COCOA Fountain Pen - Special Edition

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LABS.02. Limited to only 10 pieces.

This exquisite hand-turned pen is made by the legendary 50 year old Ranga Pens in collaboration with Endless.

The Ranga Pen Company was founded by M.S.Pandurangan at Thiruvallur (near Chennai, India) in 1970. It is our privilege to collaborate with a legendary pen maker and bring you an incredible pen.

With this, we also introduce our own Endless Fountain Pen Nibs which are now available in various tip sizes : Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Broad-Stub, Architect, and a Needle Point nib.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful and comfortable writing experience.

Material: Acryllic
Capped Length: 143 mm
Cap Dia :  15 mm
Barrel Dia: 14 mm
Section Dia: 12 mm at thickest part part , 11 mm at holding part.
Feed: Plastic
Converter : Schmidt K6 Converter


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Ideas are Endless. And, they keep fleeting in our minds by the second. Endless is here to help you capture them and bring them into the physical realm. To provide a canvas for all your thoughts.



I’m quite impressed with the Endless Recorder notebook. I appreciate the extra touches, such as the Table of Contents and the page numbers. I prefer its white 68gsm Tomoe paper over cream, especially for ink swabbing.

Susan M. Pigott

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook could also easily be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace

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