Storyboard Standard Edition - Regalia Paper - Pocket - Pack of 2

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A pocket canvas for your imagination

Two Pocket notebooks of 80 GSM Regalia Paper with 48 pages each
Sized to fit inside the pockets at 3.5" x 5.9" and secured at the centre with thread-bound stitching. A notebook that's ready for all the Hard Work. 
Now with thicker 80gsm acid-free paper made in-house for your joy. Experience Regalia, our proprietary paper and feel the richness.
With one of the best color reproductions of ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before. 

48  Pages of Regalia that loves ink!

Secured by threads
Pocket notebooks belong everywhere. In your pocket, in your bag or your table. It is due to this versatile nature of the notebook, they are supposed to be more sturdy and durable than ever. Every Storyboard notebook is stitched at the centre by thread ensuring your pocket notebook stays together always.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Skilling
High quality

This is well made and has very nice paper. There are two Storyboard notebooks in the pack, which I didn’t realize when I ordered it.

Enrique Rodriguez
Excellent paper!!

Very very surprised with this paper. Love it. Especially with my pencils. I love how the graphite feels here. Absolutely wonderful.

Jeffrey Wellborn
Very suprising quality and fountain pen friendly

There are some many claims of fountain pen friendly paper. I use this for journaling. The ink lays down smoothly and without feathering. What shading ink I have shows up and off well through even with my Japanese medium nibs (and Western equivilant) that I mostly use. There are some nice extras too, a cloth bag and various patterns from lines to dots to useful shapes. I will be purchasing more. Bery good value.

jorge rubia
My pocket journal is still being held up at South African Customs

I have yet to receive the stationary, it got held up in customs and I've had to pay double the cost price to release it an additional $50 !!! I should get it next week. I have purchased the larger A5 version from Write Gear here in Cape Town, and love it - that's why I wanted a pocket-sized one too, but as they did not have the pocket-sized I decided to order it directly from you. I will def review it as soon as I get it. I know its not your fault that its been stuck in customs and that Ive had to pay double or more than double the price, but what could I do other than lose the item totally and still pay a $100fine for not collecting it… yes, this import duty here in South Africa is insane and I will rather buy from Write Gear next time if they import more of your beautiful products. Thank you for your care and the amazing quality products you make, Sincerely Jorge Rubia.

About Endless

Crafted for creators

Ideas are Endless. And, they keep fleeting in our minds by the second. Endless is here to help you capture them and bring them into the physical realm. To provide a canvas for all your thoughts.



I’m quite impressed with the Endless Recorder notebook. I appreciate the extra touches, such as the Table of Contents and the page numbers. I prefer its white 68gsm Tomoe paper over cream, especially for ink swabbing.

Susan M. Pigott

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook could also easily be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace

Refillable Leather Journal

Endless Explorer


ink loving canvases for your imagination

Storyboard Standard Editions



featuring 80 GSM,Acid Free Regalia Paper