Endless Alchemy Fountain Pen Inks - Candy Sea 60 ml

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Most enchanting inks ever ✨

In an alchemist's tale, candy and sea fused on canvas, creating an enchanting ink of sweet brine.



  • Our ink is formulated to be gentle on nibs, preserving the delicate components of your fountain pen and extending its lifespan.
  • Suitable for Fountain Pens, & Dip Pens.
  • Periodically flush your fountain pen with clean water to remove residual ink.


Customer Reviews

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Rajaram Prabhu

Alchemy Fountain Pen Inks - Candy Sea 60 ml

Delightful product

I ordered the ink because the concept was so appealing, and the final product lives up to that promise. Every time I glance over and see the bottle on my desk I want to go and give it a nudge. But my favourite part of the whole experience is that it says on the box 'Designed in Madras'. I love Madras, and was so sad when the name was changed to Chennai, and here is someone else who remains enchanted by the old name, which has such magical evocations for me.

Naval Chordia

Great product

Avigail Humphreys

bought for the bottle, STAYED FOR THE INK!!! my swatches were so beautiful,can't wait to juice up a pen in these

Good Ink

Endless Alchemy-Candy Seas - the ink color is very good, it has a very unique sapphire blue tone to it. The bottle design too is very creative, whilst staying stable on the desk. I had no problems filling my fountain pen with this ink. It flows well and doesn't stain a lot (got off the ink I dropped on my hand very easily, it didn't stain my dip pen nib either). The ink is not permanent, so one has to be careful while writing with it to not spill any water or other liquid on top of the papers. The drying time with my sailor pen was around 15-20 seconds (while it took much longer with my dip nib, which I expected since it puts down more ink compared to my FP). I dont think that the ink is too dark that it crosses over into the blue-black territory. There is a noticeable purple sheening, the sheer is bright on the letters I have written by the dip pen, while more subtle with the fountain pen (it is a reddish-purple color, I am not sure if it is captured well in the image). I have attached an image for reference. To conclude, a good, affordable ink brought by Endless at INR 949 or USD 11.50.

About Endless

Crafted for creators

Ideas are Endless. And, they keep fleeting in our minds by the second. Endless is here to help you capture them and bring them into the physical realm. To provide a canvas for all your thoughts.



I’m quite impressed with the Endless Recorder notebook. I appreciate the extra touches, such as the Table of Contents and the page numbers. I prefer its white 68gsm Tomoe paper over cream, especially for ink swabbing.

Susan M. Pigott

Given the slimmer profile and general absence of bulk, these notebooks would also make excellent travel journals. Since the pages are numbered, this notebook could also easily be converted into a bullet journal.

Joe Crace

Refillable Leather Journal

Endless Explorer


ink loving canvases for your imagination

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featuring 80 GSM,Acid Free Regalia Paper